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    ECIR2013 - Supplementary Material

    Supplementary Material for "How Tagging Pragmatics Influence Tag Sense Discovery in Social Annotation Systems"

    Thomas Niebler, Philipp Singer, Dominik Benz, Christian Körner, Markus Strohmaier, Andreas Hotho: How Tagging Pragmatics Influence Tag Sense Discovery in Social Annotation Systems

    Example mapping of disambiguated senses to Wikipedia sense descriptions

    Example is based upon the tag swing. We present its disambiguated senses, based on 10 percent of describers according to the trr measure.
    Matching words are formatted in bold letters, and colored for easier discrimination. 

    Disambiguated sensesWikipedia Senses
    development gui java ui framework librarySwing (java), Sun's lightweight gui library for the java programming language
    tutorial tips howto reference web programming
    danceSwing (dance), a group of dances that correspond to swing style of jazz music
    golfgolf swing, the means by which golfers make decisions (selecting clubs, selecting shots) and execute them (making shots) in the sport of golf
    video opensource tools blog softwareSwing (video game), a 1997 video game for the PC and PlayStation
    swtSwing bowling, a subtype of fast bowling in cricket
    Swing (boxing)
    Swing (band), a Canadian néo-trad band
    Swing (jazz performance style), term used to describe the sense of propulsive rhythmic "feel" or "groove" in jazz
    Swing music, a style of jazz from the 1930s-1940s, also called "swing jazz"
    Swing!, a 1999 Broadway musical
    Swing (album), 1997 album by The Manhattan Transfer
    "Swing" (song), a 2005 song by New Zealand performer Savage, released again in 2008 featuring Soulja Boy
    "Swing" (Trace Adkins song), a song by Trace Adkins
    "Swing", a song by Yello
    "Swing", a song by Taking Back Sunday
    Swing Time Records, a record label
    The Swing, a 1984 album by Australian rock band INXS
    "Swing, Swing", a 2003 song by the All-American Rejects
    "Swingin'", 1983 single by John Anderson
    "Swinging", a song by Tom Molloy
    Swing, a term in musical theatre for an understudy who prepares several roles
    New jack swing, a hybrid of hip hop and R&B; that first emerged in 1987
    Swinging, manipulation of poï in juggling
    Swing! (film), a 1938 American film directed by Oscar Micheaux
    Swing! (film), a 1938 American film directed by Oscar Micheaux
    Swing (2003 film), an American film by Martin Guigui
    Swing (2010 film), a Hindi short film
    Swing (2011 film), a Kuwaiti short film
    Swing (politics), an indication of the scale of voter change
    Swing (Australian politics), the swing between the last two remaining parties in a preferential voting election
    Swing (United Kingdom), in a British political context is a single figure used as an indication of the scale of voter change between two political parties
    Captain Swing, an imaginary leader of the Swing Riots
    Swing (music group), a Hong Kong pop music group
    Swing (seat), a suspended seat often found in backyards or playgrounds
    Captain Swing (Whelan play), a 1979 play by Peter Whelan
    Sex swing, a type of harness specifically for the purpose of sexual intercourse
    The Swing (painting), a 1767 rococo painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

    Results for additional dataset (BibSonomy)

    We had first included these results when preparing our submission, but had to remove it finally for space reasons.