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    Chair of Computer Science VI - Artificial Intelligence and Applied Computer Science


    Development and testing of specialized programming environments, which can use specialized experts to a large extent independently for formalizing their knowledge. The in such a way provided expert systems should be not only as problem settlers, but completely generally as knowledge medium for communication of specialized knowledge usable.

    In the context of our work we are regularly involved in national and international scientific events.

    In detail

    • Co-operation with specialized experts
    • (Collaborative) knowledge systems (d3web)
    • Agent-based Simulation (SeSAm)
    • Visual programming and graphic knowledge acquisition
    • Intelligent user interfaces
    • Data Mining and knowledge discovery (VIKAMINE)
    • Intelligent tutor systems (d3web.Train)
    • Development of cooperating, distributed expert systems (VKI)
    • Information Extraction (TextMarker)