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    Chair of Computer Science VI - Artificial Intelligence and Applied Computer Science


    A preconfigured Docker image is available to perform a local PaDaWaN installation. Docker itself can be downloaded from here (installation guide). While running Docker you could create and start a new PaDaWaN instance by entering

    docker run --name padawan -p 8080:8080 uniwue/padawan:2.0.10-mysql

    on the command line.

    After that the web-based PaDaWaN-GUI can be accessed at http://localhost:8080/PadawanWebService/. By default you could use the following login credentials:

    • username: demo
    • password: demouser

    A more detailed documentation on how to use this docker image is available at its official webpage


    PaDaWaN supports the generic import of a tabular file, like it could have been exported from a radiology information system (RIS). For this purpose only a configuration file matching to this export is necessary. A small example RIS-Export could be downloaded here and a matching configuration file here. With the following command this function could be tested with the PaDaWaN-Docker-Image:

    docker run -v <LocalPathToRISExportSample.xlsx>:/usr/src/app/RISExportSample.xlsx -v <LocalPathToColumnMappingSample.xlsx>:/usr/src/app/ColumnMappingSample.xlsx --name padawan -p 8080:8080 -e "PADAWAN_USE_RADIOLOGY_IMPORTER=true" uniwue/padawan:2.0.10-mysql

    The parts marked with <...> have to be replaced with the local paths to the two files. After that the web interface can be accessed like explained above.