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    Driving community planning

    COKE CarPool

    Driving community planning for teachers

    The formation of driving communities at schools with many teachers can be very meaningful for reasons of the cost saving. The production of a complete driving community plan for all teachers is time-consuming and very difficult due to a multiplicity of boundary conditions which can be kept. The planning person is supported and relieved by COKE CarPool by different functions during designing. Existing functions are:

    Treatment of teacher data and time table

    Before starting with plan development you have to indicate for each teacher a set of information. In addition a time table must be put on containing start and end time of the lessons of each teacher.


    Manual planning

    When manual planning the planning manager can specify the movements of individual teachers themselves. It determines the composition of the individual driving communities and will be informed by COKE CarPool through different announcements over arising inconsistency and injury by boundary conditions.

    Automatic planning

    First of all the user indicates a set of boundary conditions (e.g. preferences) and their weightings on whose basis automatically a plan for an entire week or only for an individual day will be provided. Here also previously manually specified driving communities are considered. So a prior incomplete plan can be completed automatically.


    Optimization of a plan

    The user has the possibility to optimize a produced plan regarding existing boundary conditions. This applies both to the automatic and to manual planning.

    Export a plan

    A finished plan can be exported automatically into a Excel file for further treatment or into a pdf file or printed out completely normally.

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