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    Chair of Computer Science VI - Artificial Intelligence and Applied Computer Science


    d3web is a Java-based prototyping and development toolkit for distributed knowledge systems. It includes the knowledge modelling environment KnowME, a visual knowledge acquisition, evaluation, and management tool. Web-based problem-solving interviews are generated with d3web.Dialog2, which is based on the JavaServer Faces technology. Knowledge can be reused for a variety of different tasks:

    • Consultation:,Users enter the problem description into the system and retrieve suitable solutions and possibly therapy suggestions for their data. Further tests, i.e., questions, can be indicated by the system, if appropriate.
    • Documentation: Previously solved cases are stored in a structured case base and can be reused for documentation (e.g., reports) or data analysis (e.g., Data Mining).
    • Experience management: Previously solved cases can be interpreted a previous experiences. These experiences can be reused for solving new problems, i.e., by searched already known cases based on a new problem description.
    • eLearning: Knowledge bases can be also used for problem-oriented tutoring. Here, the user interactively solves a new problem presented by the computer in a step-by-step manner and receives didactic comments that are generated by the knowledge base.

    d3web offers various problem-solving methods including

    • categorical and heuristic rules
    • decision trees and decision tables
    • set-covering models
    • case-based reasoning

    The system family d3web is the successor of the shell-kit D3.

    Downloads and Source

    d3web went open-source in 2007. Further information on d3web and the source code is available via SourceForge

    Besides the sources, Java binaries of KnowME and Dialog2 can be downloaded.