Lehrstuhl für Informatik VII - Robotik und Telematik



    UWE‑4 originally communicated on the UHF amateur frequency of 437.385 MHz. Due to a very poor uplink success rate at this frequency, UWE-4 will transmit and receive hereafter on the UHF amateur frequency of 435.600 MHz. For more information also see here. The setup is as follows:
    Frequency:                         435.600 MHz
    Mode:                                 FSK
    Baud Rate:                         9k6
    Protocol:                            AX.25
    Call sign:                            DP0UWH
    Emission designators:     16K0F2D

    UWE-4 beacons are transmitted periodically every 60s. The beacon definition is provided in this file. Message beacons and file downloads can be decoded according to this file

    Data recordings can also be forwarded to uwe4@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de