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    Institute of Computer Science

    Open professorships

    The following positions are available at the Institute of Computer Science:

    title of the professorship type application deadline available from job offer contact
    Sensors and Embedded Systems for Earth Observation W2 expired asap go.uniwue.de/w2-sensors-en Prof. Dr. Sergio Montenegro
    Satellite Systems W3 expired asap go.uniwue.de/w3-satsys-en Prof. Dr. Sergio Montenegro
    Computational Humanities W3 expired asap go.uniwue.de/w3-ch-en Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho
    Reinforcement Learning and Computational Decision-Making W3 expired asap go.uniwue.de/w3-rlcdm-en Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho
    E-Learning W2 expired 16 November 2022 go.uniwue.de/w2-ele-en Prof. Dr. Martin Hennecke
    Robotics W3 expired asap go.uniwue.de/w3-robo-en Prof. Dr. Reiner Kolla
    Cognitive Systems and Artificial Intelligence W3 expired asap go.uniwue.de/w3-cogsys-en Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho
    Theory of Machine Learning W3 expired asap go.uniwue.de/tml-en Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho
    Artificial Intelligence for the Molecular Sciences W2 expired asap go.uniwue.de/ai4ms-en Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho
    Computer Engineering W2 expired 1 April 2023 go.uniwue.de/w2-ti-en Prof. Dr. Andreas Nüchter

    For general questions about the professorships, please contact Dr Marianus Ifland.