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Institute of Computer Science

Study structure

To successfully graduate from the programme a total of 90 ECTS have to be acquired in mandatory elective courses, and an additional 30 ECTS as part of your Master's thesis and concluding colloquium. The progrmame has a standard length of four semesters with a total of 120 ECTS credit points. The pgoramme is structured as follows.

Area   ECTS
Mandatory Electives 90  
    Seminars   5-10
    Aerospace Informatics   20-30
    Robotics and Telematics   20-30
    Practical Courses Aerospace Informatics   20-30
    Computer Science and Applications   15-25
Degree Area 30  
  Total 120


The regulations consist of the general academic and examination regulations (ASPO), the subject-specific provisons (FSB) and the list of modules (SFB).