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Institute of Computer Science

Perspectives and Skills

Graduates of the Artifical Intelligence and Data Science study programme can find employment in numerous fields. With their ability to analyze and solve complex problems and quickly research new and unfamiliar topics they have a wide spectrum of opportunities open to them. Employement areas include IT and data analysis, software design, healthcare, automotive, consulting, finance, academic and industrial research, education. Even in the quickly changing economy, the prospects for graduates of the Artificial intelligence and Data Science programme are very good.

Qualification goals

After successfully graduating from the programme graduates will have acquired these expertises:

  • Analytical and problem solving skills, ability to abstract and structure complex interrelationships
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of computer science and math
  • Can apply theoretical and practical methods to acquire new knowledge in computer science
  • Ability to plan, conduct and evaluate research experiments
  • Learn new fields and topics from literature
  • Apply methods from computer science and math to problems, develop solutions and interprete the results
  • Present your knowledge and your findings to an expert audience and defend it
  • Broad knowledge over all fields related to AI and data science as well as interdisciplinary topics
  • Deep knowledge of at least one specialised AI or data science topic
  • Ability to work constructively and goal-oriented in teams
  • Work in international and intercultural projects and teams
  • Knowledge of important requirements and approaches in academic and business environments and in research and development