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Institute of Computer Science

Course Schedules

The Master's in Artificial Intelligence degree programme allows you to design your own course schedule based on your personal interests. This elective area is accompanied by introductory AI courses and projects where you can put your learned knowledge to practice.

Programme structure

Area Sub-area Credits
Mandatory Courses   35 ECTS
Mandatory Electives   55 ECTS
  AI Methods 20-40 ECTS
  General AI Applications 10-20 ECTS
  AI Applications from other Areas 0-10 ECTS
  Computer Science 0-10 ECTS
Degree area   30 ECTS
Total   120 ECTS

Suggested schedule

  • Refer to the course directory on WueStudy to determine the currently offered elective courses.
  • KOP: Modules for the control examination. You must pass these modules in your first semester, or in the second semester at the latest.