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Institute of Computer Science

Contacts and inquiries

Student Council for Mathematics and Computer Science

The student council ("Fachschaft") can answer any question related to student life and extracurricular activities at the university, the faculty and in Würzburg in general. The Fachschaft als maintains a collection and minutes of old exams.

Room: A006, Computer Science Building (M2)
Phone: +49 931 31 86760

Central Academic Advisory Service

The central academic advisory service advises to all general study questions not directly related to the specifics of the computer science study programmes. A phone service for international callers is offered as well.

Subject-specific Advisory Service

The subject-specific academic advisors advises to all questions and issues directly related to the individual study programmes, both for students as well as prospective students.

Examination Committees

Contact the examination committees with questions and issues related to examination regulations, decisions to credit benefits when entering the degree program, qualification procedures for admission to the master programmes.


The BAföG commissioner for all degree programmes in computer science is Professor Andreas Hotho,  and Professor Oliver Roth for all degreee programmes in mathematics. They issue the necessary certificates concerning a regular study progress as described on this page.

Further Inquiries