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Institute of Computer Science


Since 2009 the University of Würzburg offers the Bachelor's degree programme Aerospace Informatics – a unique combination of computer science and aerospace technology. Students acquire fundamental knowledge in on-board data processing, instrumentation, space environment, and the design of space systems. Students are enabled to design, develop and operate complex integrated hardware and software systems, e.g., space probes, aircraft systems and monitoring tools.
The system design skills gained by the programme graduates give excellent access to career opportunities in the aerospace industry.

Goals and course contents

The Bachelor's degree programme Aerospace Informatics conveys knowledge and skills from physics, electronics, engineering, mathematics, and computer science that can be applied to solve challenging interdisciplinary aerospace tasks.


We live in an information society where the largest revenue is not gained from material goods but from information and services, including software, music, movies, and video games. Even progress in the traditionally more mechanically oriented industry is now driven by software. E.g., software is responsible for about 20% of the business value increase in the automotive industrie, and for about 30% in the aerospace industry.
While physical matter still provides the structure to machines, the machines behavior is now driven by software. It is now unimaginable to design an aeroplane, a satellite or a car that is not controlled by software. In short: software is indispensible.


After graduating from your Bachelor's programme you can continue your studies with the  Computer Science Master's programme, with the Aerospace Informatics Master's programme, or with the international elite Master's programme Satellite Technology.


The university of Würzburg also offers excellent opportunities for doctoral studies and degrees in the area of aerospace informatics and computer science.