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Institute of Computer Science

Study structure

The programme consists of mandatory seminars and a practical lab (20 ECTS) as well as elective courses (70 ECTS). You can select your elective courses from a wide variety of computer science courses available in the module handbook. Additionally you have to prepare your Master's thesis (25 ECTS) and an associated colloquium (5 ECTS).

This programme can be studied either in German or in English. While all mandatory courses and a large portion of electives are offered in both languages, not all elective courses are available in English. We maintain a list of our English courses.

Area   ECTS
Mandatory Courses 20  
Mandatory Electives 70  
    General Mandatory Electives   50-70
    Projects and Practical Courses   0-20
Degree Area 30  
  total 120


The regulations consist of the general academic and examination regulations (ASPO), the subject-specific provisons (FSB) and the list of modules (SFB).