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    Research Center

    Research Areas

    Chair - Work GroupTopics
     I - WolffEfficient Algorithms
     I - SeipelKnowledge-Based Systems
    • Databases
    • Logic Programming
     I - Glaßer


    • Computational Complexity
    • Theory of Automata and Formal Languages
     I - Storandt

    Algorithms for large networks

    • Algorithm Engineering
    • Graph Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization
     II - Kounev

    Software Engineering

    • Design, modeling and architecture-based analysis of software systems
    • Non-functional system properties - performance, dependability and (energy-)efficiency
    • Systems benchmarking, monitoring and experimental analysis
    • Autonomic and self-aware computing
    • Data center virtualization and cloud-based services
     III - Tran-GiaCommunication Networks
     V - Kolla

    Computer Engineering

    • Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Embedded Systems
    • Computer Architecture
     VI - Puppe

    Artificial Intelligence and Applied Computer Science

    • Knowledge-Based Systems / Systems Consulting
    • Data Mining / Subgroup Analysis
    • Language Processing / Information Extraction
    • E-Learning / E-Assessment
     VI - HothoData Mining and Information Retrieval
    • Data-, Web- and Text-Mining
    • KDD, Maschine Learning, Social Network Analysis
    • Web 2.0, Folksonomy, Tagging
    • Semantic Web, Ontology Learning
    • Ubiquitous Web Mining
     VII - Schilling

    Robotics and Telematics

     Prof. Dr. Andreas NüchterVII - Nüchter


    • 3D Computer / Robot Vision
    • 3D Point Cloud Processing
    • Robotics and Automation
    • Cognitive Systems
     VIII - Montenegro

    Aerospace Information Technology

    • Dependable Computing
    • Autonomous In-Door Flight Vehicles
    • Real-Time Operating Systems and Middlewares

     VIII - KayalSpace Technology
    • Design, Construction and Operation of Small Satellites for Scientific Missions
    • Development of Space Systems with Higher Autonomy in Operations
    • Space Situational Awareness (SSA)
     IX - Latoschik


    • Intelligent Graphics
    • Multimodal Interfaces
    • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
    • Computer Edutainment and Games
     IX - Lugrin

    Media and Computing

    • Social robots
    • Intelligent virtual agents and environments
    • Cultural Computing
     IX - von Mammen

    Games Engineering

    • Realtime interactive systems
    • Procedurally generated contents
    • Immersive programming, modelling & simulation
    • Serious games research


    • Motivating Topics for Computer Science Education
    • Robotics for Computer Science Education
    • Diagnosis of Misconceptions in Fraction Arithmetics

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