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Institute of Computer Science

Studienaufbau und Dokumente

Starting with the first semester the programme teaches fundamental math and computer science knowledge for AI. From the third semester onwards, the gained theoretical knowledge will be put into praxis in exciting project and in job-oriented practical courses. In the elective area you can choose from many application-oriented subjects.


Area   ECTS  
Mandatory Courses 115    
    Artificial Intelligence and Data Science   70  
    Computer Science   20  
    Mathematics   25  
Mandatory Electives 35    
    Artificial Intelligence and Data Science   15  
    Computer Science   10-20  
    Application-orientied Subject   0-10  
        Mathematics     0-10
        Physics     0-10
        Economics     0-10
        Linguistics     0-10
        Biology     0-10
        Law     0-10
        Geography     0-10
        Medicine     0-10
Transferable Skills 20    
    Subject-specific Transferable Skills   15  
    General Transferable Skills   5  
Degree Area 10    
  total   180

Suggested Curriculum

While you are free to design your own course schedule, we provide suggestion that are known to work well inside the standard length of programme.