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Course advisory service

Each study program has its own course advisors. These advisors answer questions regarding the content of the respective study programs, for example, if you want to decide which subject to study or which area to focus on during your studies.

Contact and course advisors for each programme

If you are unsure which advisor you should contact, please contact our general course advisor for the institute of computer science. The course advisor is Florian Metzger. Click here for other important contacts. For questions regarding

We have compiled a number of frequently asked questions below, please take a look before contacting a course advisor.

Please note that only the Master programmes provide a large portion of the modules in English, the Bachelor programmes are primarily in German. We have an up-to-date list of courses that are currently also available in English.

Questions & Answers

Q: When can I apply for a credit transfer?
A: If you switch between two degree programmes you have the opportunity to transfer your prior grades to the new programme, as long as there are equivalent modules in the new programme. You must apply for this in your first semester. The examination office has more information on the process.

Q: What can I transfer?
A: You have the opportunity to apply for a transfer of all credits which are available in an equivlanet form in your new degree programme. You can check for this yourself by comparing the module descriptions of both programmes. With that as basis, and with recommendations from the course advisors you can prepare your application. The formal decision about your application is made by the examination committee.

Information for new Master Students at the Institute of Computer Science

Information to start in our Master's programmes is also available in this WueCampus courseroom.  You'll also find the presentation slides from our latest orientation event there, and you can ask questions and share your experiences.