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    Institute of Computer Science

    Study: Computer Science und Sustainability

    The new bachelor study "Computer Science and Sustainability" will focus on the relation between humans and their direct environment. Beginning in 2021, it is developed for a new target group of students having a specific interest in technical- and computer science aspects combined with interdisciplinary issues in the field of sustainability.

    Sustainability as Challenge - Computer Science for People, Earth and Environment

    Sustainability and environmental awareness is the social issue and driving economic factor of the future. The newly planned course in Computer Science and Sustainability at the University of Würzburg will focus on the relationship between people and their immediate environment. The most important sub-areas of computer science are taught as part of the bachelor's degree. In addition, socially and economically relevant topics regarding the environment and sustainability as well as concepts for sustainability and their evaluation are integrated into the course. What does sustainability actually mean? How can one bring together ecological, economic and ethical aspects? How can you develop sustainable IT systems? How can computer science lead to sustainable approaches in a problem-oriented and innovative manner in areas such as environmental issues?

    Unique Characteristics

    There is no study in "Computer Science and Sustainability" available in Germany so far that includes both, a well-founded education in computer science with its professional fields, as well as the relevant questions of society. Similar studies usually only consider a special focus ("IT for sustainability") such as environmental informatics, energy informatics or environmental management. The practical relevance through the integration to interdisciplinary approaches can be seen as a further unique selling point.

    Goal of the Studies

    The aim of the course is to attract new students in a German-language Bachelor course with excellent career prospects for "Computer Science and Sustainability". 

    Person Responsible

    Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Institute of Computer Science, coordination

    • Prof. Tobias Hoßfeld, Chair of Communication Networks (Computer Science III)
    • Prof. Alexander Wolff, Chair of Algorithms and Complexity (Computer Science I)