Deutsch Intern
Institute of Computer Science


The recommended language skills are

  • Bachelor: B1 (in English or German)
  • Master: B2 (in English or German)

A certificate is not required.

The DSH course can be taken by Erasmus students.

Information concerning the learning agreement can be found here.
A catalogue of subjects in English can be found here.

The department of Computer Science consists of numerous organisational units called "chairs". If you have any questions about courses please contact a member of the chair responsible for the respective course or the academic adivsor/coordinator responsible for your programme of study. 

For signing the learning agreement please contact also the academic advisor/coordinator.

Modules of the type seminar, practical course, and project often have a limitation of the number of participants. Thus, you have to contact the responsible person/lecturer to apply for the attendance of these subjects.
This is also required for lectures with limited places (information on such limitations can be found on wuestudy).
If you plan to attend subjects with a limitation, please attach the  excel sheet to your request for signing the learning agreement.


Our International Students Office is responsible for the signature of the certificate of arrival and leaving.

Information about the course enrollment can be found here.

Usually in Computer Science, it is only necessary to register for seminars, projects, practical courses, and courses with a limited number of participants.
Please contact the lecturer of those courses for more information about the registration process.

If you face any problems with the registration please contact the lecturer of the specific course.

Most of the subjects are organized via WueCampus. The enrollment requires a key which will be published in the first lecture of each course.

Please note that courses are often only made available shortly before the start of the lecture period.

Yes, check recommendations for the course and learning agreement at your home university.

Currently, the registration for exams via the WueStudy portal is not possible for Erasmus- and program students.

Please contact the lecturer of the course for which you want to register for an exam via e-mail or personally.

For requesting the Transcript of Records, you need a certificate of each passed exam which will be provided by the lecturers only on request.