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    Institute of Computer Science

    Application and admission

    Prospective students must apply for admission to the Master's degree programme Aerospace Informatics. Applicants have to meet several admission requirements, including submitting an applcation and passing an aptitude test.

    Admission requirements

    Applicants to Aerospace Informatics must meet and document the following requirements:

    • A successfully completed Bachelor's degree equivalent to 180 ECTS credit points
    • Having acquired at least 20 ECTS credit points in Mathematics courses
    • Having acquired an equivalent of at least 100 ECTS credit points in fundamental computer science and math courses, including
      • at least 20 ECTS credit points in fundamentals of algorithms, data structures and programming,
      • and at least 30 ECTS credit points in mathematics and control engineering ("Regelungstechnik")
    • A completed thesis on a computer science or aerospace informatics topic equivalent to at least 10 ECTS credit points

    Application documents

    For your application you must submit:

    • Bachelor's degree certificate, or certificate for an equivalent degree
    • Transcript of records
    • (If your previous degree is not from the University of Würzburg) Module catalogue from your Bachelor's programme
    • (If you are not a German citizen and your previous degree is not from a German university) Language proficiency certificates

    Aptitude assessment procedure

    The assessment is performed in two steps:

    1. Preselection: Admission without further assessment if:
      1. Bachelor's degree in an appropriate subject with an overall German grade of 2.5 or better, or
      2. Average grade of 2.5 or better in the required modules described above
    2. Aptitude assessment: If your grades are not better than 2.5 and you are not directly admitted you will be invited to an oral assessment that takes 30 minutes. This exam will test your knowledge in the subjects described in the requirements above. You will be admitted to the programme if you pass this test with a grade according to the table below. If you completed your Bachelor's degree in its standard programme length, or at most one month longer, you will receive an additional grade bonus. 
    Bachelor's degree grade Required grade in assessment Required grade with bonus
    2.6-3.0 4.0 no assessment required
    3.1-3.5 3.0 3.5
    3.6-4.0 2.0 2.5