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    Institute of Computer Science

    Study structure

    The programme consists of mandatory courses (125 ECTS) that include all mathematical and computer science fundamentals, as well as elective courses (25 ECTS) and transferable skills (20 ECTS). You can select your elective courses from a wide variety of computer science courses (15-25 ECTS) or from various application-oriented subjects (up to 10 ECTS). Additionally you hav to prepare a thesis (10 ECTS).



    The regulations consist of the general academic and examination regulations (ASPO), the subject-specific provisons (FSB) and the list of modules (SFB).

    Minimum ECTS score requirement ("Grundlagen- und Orientierungsprüfung", GOP)

    In §5 the subject-specific provisions define minimum ECTS score requirements for the programme that are checked after the first and second semester. After the first semester specific mandatory courses with a minimum ECTS score of 15 have to be passed, a minimum of 35 ECTS have to be passed after the second exam. Both checks can be failed once and repeated in the following semester.

    Further information is available in German.