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Institute of Computer Science



Im Wintersemester 2014/2015 findet im Rahmen des Informatik-Kolloquiums der folgende Vortrag statt:

Montag, 1. Dezember 2014, 17:00 Uhr, Turing Hörsaal

Prof. Dr. Ulf Brefeld (TU Darmstadt)

Learning Shortest Paths for Text Summarisation

We cast multi-sentence compression as a structured prediction problem. Related sentences are represented by a word graph such that every path in the graph is considered a (more or less meaningful) summary of the collection. We propose to adapt shortest path algorithms to data at hand so that the shortest path realises the best possible summary. We report on empirical results and compare our approach to state-of-the-art baselines using word graphs. The proposed technique can be applied to a great variety of objectives that are traditionally solved by dynamic programming. I’ll conclude with a short discussion of learning knapsack-like problems using the same framework.