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Institute of Computer Science

Scientific Internship

The Scientific Internship (module 10-xtAI=WPrakt) allows participants to work on a problem in teams. The following lecture chairs generally offer projects in the areas of AI and XR:

  • LS IV Computer Vision
  • LS VI Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
  • LS IX Human Computer Interaction
  • LS X Data Science
  • LS XII Natural Language Processing
  • LS XV Machine Learning for Complex Networks

Refer to the chair's Website for more information on available projects and contact the responsible person at that chair. Students are expected to make their own internship arrangements with these chairs.

  • All internships require a university examiner and supervisor. Internships at companies are possible but must be arranged with a university examiner prior to starting the internship.
  • Students in the 2024 AI&XR programme version must submit a research report (10 pages) to their examiner and present the results (30-45min presentation with discussion) before being able to pass the course.